Coronavirus, God and journalism

This is a link to a blog I wrote on another site on the coronavirus, God and journalism.

Jason M. Reynolds

Hello, my dear friends and those who would be a friend if I knew you in person:

coronavirusI’m writing to you in my state of social distancing at home to avoid the coronavirus COVID-19. I am well, and I hope you are as well.

These are scary times we live in.

I want to share some words of hope from my faith as well as my observations as a reporter.

As a reporter, my 20-plus-years career has led me to this moment. I have struggled off and on wanting to be a reporter. I pursued a couple of other options, but nothing ever worked out — other than reporting and writing books. I now believe this is what God designed me to do. God gives everyone certain gifts as part of His plan for our lives.

Reporting is a tough job. You work long hours, nights and weekends sometimes, for…

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